Monday, July 8, 2013

How much IQ can you cram into one room?

We had an echocardiagram at Children's Mercy hospital this morning. The echo looked good. None of the heart defects that are commonly associated with Down Syndrome but we'll have to go back in 4 weeks because little Miss Scarlet kept waiving her hand over her chest, creating a shadow over her heart and in particular the aortic arch. The cardiologist said that even if there is a narrowing in the aorta, it can typically be treated with medication and shouldn't affect her surgery.

We also had our integrated consult with the pediatric surgeon, neonatologist, a social worker, genetic counselor and the lovely LPN who manages to coordinate all of these people. I'm pretty sure the combined IQ in the room was in the thousands. We were super impressed with everyone the pediatric surgeon, Dr. Iqbal, in particular. We got the sense that Dr. Iqbal could perform Scarlet's surgery blind-folded. He even took the time to draw a diagram for Micha, who was having a difficult time picturing exactly what the repair would be. They answered all of our questions about Scarlet's birth, when and how she would need to be transferred and showed us the NICU, where she will stay until she heals from the surgery. They also spoke with us about potentially delivering at Children's Mercy. Let me tell you, if you are going to have a baby who needs emergent care upon birth, Children's Mercy is the place to do it. They essentially have a team of doctors and nurses dedicated to each delivery that hang out in an adjoining room until they are called upon to work their miracles. Ultimately, we decided that while that would be terrific if we really needed it, we'd stick with our original plan to deliver at our hospital with our OB. Being in a separate hospital from Scarlet will be tough, but I believe that ultimately, her outcomes are improved if she can have a non-surgical, unmedicated birth and the best chance of that happening is some place that I'm already comfortable with people I'm comfortable with. Plus, it's a long drive, in traffic, in labor from where we live to Children's Mercy.

Children's Mercy is, in itself, an impressive place. It's obvious they are truly dedicated to the health and comfort of the children in their care.

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